The Warringa Park School Student Wellbeing Officers are qualified practitioners who work across campuses to provide valuable individual support, short-term counselling, risk assessments and safety planning, short- term case management, psycho-social education and intervention services.

 Students are provided opportunities to discuss any challenges they may be experiencing in a confidential environment where they can access additional support to assist with problem solving, emotional regulation and interpersonal skills. If determined that the student would benefit from additional counselling support, our team can refer to external counselling services.

The Student Wellbeing Officers liaise and work collaboratively with Psychologists from external practitioners to provide additional in school counselling support. The psychologists work across Warringa Park campuses from our private wellbeing spaces and can be accessed upon referral.

Access to school counselling services can be gained by:

  • Self-referral from students
  • Referrals from parents/ carers
  • Referral through the learning and support team

If you would like more information or to make a referral, please contact your Student Wellbeing Officer on 9749 5774.




The Warringa Park School Student Wellbeing Team liaise and work collaboratively with external Youth Workers to deliver in school mentoring services for students. The Youth Workers provide mentoring sessions with students to increase their engagement in learning, build self-confidence, set goals and improve interpersonal skills.

The service aims to build upon the support network and life skills of students to build resilience and help achieve their full potential for learning success. If you would like additional information regarding mentoring sessions, please contact your Student Wellbeing Officer on 9749 5774.