Our Career Coach, Nancy Isaak, provides support and service assistance to help students make informed decisions about their life, study and/or work options to ensure successful post school transitions and pathways. Nancy works collaboratively with students, families and services to define and achieve their career goals, make occupational and study decisions, plan career transitions and find career information.

Support services that Nancy provides students and families include:

Pathway Planning

  • NDIS preparation, registration, collection of supporting documents for application, as well as plan meetings and referrals to external supporting agencies.
  •  Career counselling interviews for students and their families to discuss career goals and organise post school option placements for all Year 12 students.
  • Future pathway information sessions, expos, parent bus tours and student visits.
  • Transition programs

Vocational based excursions and activities such as the Careers Expo, Try a Trade and Year 9/10 Expo).
Work Experience • Organises and oversees year 10 work experience.
Career and Travel Education • Provides career education to years 10-12 with skill building opportunities to prepare for the workplace.
• Organises and liaises with all stakeholders to enter students through the travel education program with the vision to enable and empower students to become independent.