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Assistant Principal's Message

Elaine Quinn

I’m Elaine Quinn, Assistant Principal (Curriculum and Accountability) at Warringa Park School. I am privileged to be part of a dynamic leadership team of which every member is a leader of teaching and learning. I work collaboratively with this team to ensure that the curriculum design and the learning experiences we provide across the school are personalised to meet the needs of every student and give our students every opportunity to succeed as learners. This involves working closely with Learning Centre Leaders and Professional Learning Team Leaders to support the implementation of key educational initiatives which have been articulated as goals and priorities of the school. I firmly believe in the student being at the centre of every learning experience and this belief underpins all of my work.

My key roles as Assistant Principal at Warringa Park School are:

  • Management of the School Accountability and Improvement Framework (Strategic Plan, Annual Implementation Plan, Annual Report, School Review, School Policy Development, School Compliance);
  • Coordination of Assessment and Reporting (Individual Learning Plans, Student Reports, ePortfolios, Assessment Calendar);
  • Coordination and development of key school administration documents (Roles and Responsibilities, Staff Handbook, Educational Calendar, Timetable);
  • Coordination of the Professional Learning Program (Professional Learning Teams, PD Tracker, Professional Learning Calendar).

If you have any concerns my door is always open so please make sure you contact me on 03 9749 5774 or feel free to email me at