Visual Art is an important part of the curriculum at Warringa Park School. Our school is committed to ensuring that each student has their sensory needs met, whether that be in the art room, the classroom or working with the specialist Allied Health team. Creating art with a sensory focus is a wonderful way for students to explore their world. It encourages them to engage with a wide and varied range of materials and art-making processes. These types of activities are a wonderful way to promote curiosity, experimentation, and self-expression. This in turn helps students to develop confidence and independence, and thus develops personal growth.

In the earlier years skills are taught through sensory art experiences. Examples of this kind of work are: exploring with primary and secondary colours using wet and dry mediums; collages and mixed media craft; and development of line and shape through experimentation.

In the middle years art skills and ideas are consolidated and there is a greater emphasis on sustained projects. Talking about art, looking at images and engaging in class discussion also emerges at this level. Sensory art programs continue to be provided for specific students/groups. Painting, Drawing, Print-making, 3D and Mixed Media becomes the focus of art in these years.

At Bethany Road and Cayleys Road Campus we offer a diverse and differentiated program that is tailored to suit the needs of each student and their abilities. Self-expression, building confidence, independence are key skills taught. Structured learning at school and development towards pre work skills is also a priority. Examples of this kind of work are: printing; paintings on canvas; mixed media self- portraits; abstract art; and mixed media art work.

At the end of each lesson students are then encouraged to actively take part in a play based learning activity which they choose to explore independently or with a group. This is an integral part of learning and ensures all students sensory needs are met. Play based learning offers a new dimension to the art program and enables all students to participate and succeed in exciting and explorative environments.