At Warringa Park School the music program has been designed to give students the opportunity to explore sound and how it is produced in a variety of different ways. Students are encouraged to be hands-on learners when developing their understanding of the basic elements of music (beat, pitch, dynamics and tempo) and experience playing a wide range of musical instruments.

Students will gain experience of a wide range of musical instruments from a music teacher with over 25 years drumming experience (including many years of live performance). Students will have opportunities to explore and develop skills in drumming, guitar, keyboard, ukulele, singing, etc.

The Music Program focuses on a variety of musical genres to expand the students’ musical horizons and to further develop their personal musical tastes. The Program will enhance students’ loco and non-loco motor skills and offer students a variety of sensory activities. Students will also learn important performance etiquette such as audience participation and listening.

Students are encouraged to participate in the extra curricular ensembles that we have in the school to enhance their knowledge and ability in music and to extend further opportunities to musically enjoy themselves further.  These ensembles are varied to create opportunities for students of all abilities that harbour an interest in making music. They are a great way of further developing students’ musical skills, but  also to help develop their social skills in a safe environment and positive way.

At Warringa Park School this year we will once again have our own choir, which will be showcased, throughout the year.