Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Warringa Park School comprises of a mixture of drama, dance and media arts.  Student learning takes place in our modern ‘black box’ studio, with coloured LED theatre lighting, a sound system and a mixing desk.

Students develop their ability to respond, explore, create and evaluate their own and others’ performance works in a fun and engaging environment.  Students get to work at their own level – from beginning to respond creatively to stimuli, fostering their ability to participate in creative/dramatic play, to learning performance techniques and conventions, using them to develop their own live and digital performances.

Technology is an import aspect of the program. We have a ‘Magic Carpet’ that projects interactive scenes on to the floor that students control with movement – offering a rich sensory environment for students to explore.  Our Soundbeam is used to enable students to create sounds with movements.  The beams can be tuned to read the smallest of movements such as a head or finger flick, or large movements stretching up to 6 meters in length.  An X-box gaming system with a Kinect motion sensor gives students the opportunity to participate in game-based dance and movement activities, learning not only important performance-based skills but also building their capacity to participate effectively in groups.  We have Performing Arts specific iPads that are used in many ways during classes – students learn how to communicate their needs and wants through the use of iPad application Proloquo2go, students mix coloured lighting, explore the use of sound effects, as well as film and edit their own movies and animations.

The Performing Arts room is also used as a venue for mini-assemblies and performances, allowing students to showcase their work whilst also developing their skills and confidence in performance environments – both on stage and as audience members. This year we are delighted to embrace our new partnership with The Grange College, which will further enhance the links across our community.