Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Team at Warringa Park School are dedicated to creating a positive and engaging school environment that promotes the health, wellbeing and learning of all students. Our team assist and empower students to achieve their full potential through the provision of personal development opportunities and support services including:

These school services can help students learn the competencies and skills they need to build resilience and effectively manage their emotions, behaviour and relationships with others. In turn, these support opportunities and programs optimise the wellbeing of students through all stages of their development so they can be healthy, happy, engaged and successful.

We know that there are strong links between wellbeing and school excellence. Not only can the provision of support services increase student mental health and wellbeing, but the impact can also be correlated to positive learning engagement, outcomes and future success. When a student is supported in their development they can connect, thrive and succeed in their learning to achieve their goals and prepare for future.

Our Team

The Student Wellbeing team work collaboratively with students, families, teachers, allied health and external community agencies to provide support services and personal developmental programs across all Warringa Park School campuses.

Meet our team!

Assistant Principal of Student Wellbeing

Caitriona Toland

Caitriona coordinates whole school wellbeing support and is based at the Warringa Campus.

Wellbeing Coordinator

Michelle Bathan

Michelle provides wellbeing support to students, families and staff from the Warringa Campus.

Wellbeing Coordinator

Jamie Dubowik

Jamie provides wellbeing support to students, families and staff from the Later Years Campuses.

Engagement Officer

Amy Byrne

Amy provides whole school student engagement and positive behavior support from the Warringa Campus.

CALD Officer

 Joan Kurtis

Joan provides wellbeing support to cultural and linguistically diverse students and families from the Bethany Road Campus

Youth Worker

Jimmy Mathieson

Jimmy provides mentoring and youth development support to students across Warringa Park School Campuses.

Career Pathways

Amy Reid

Amy provides career and post school pathway information and support to year 11 and 12 students.

School Nurse

Marie Van Haigh

Marie provides medical support across campuses and is based at the Warringa Campus.