Student Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Team focuses on providing support interventions and programs which enhance the safety and wellbeing of students at Warringa Park School.  The team work in partnership with teachers, students and external community agencies to provide programs that achieve learning outcomes in the areas of personal development and student wellbeing.

At the Bethany Road Campus students are involved in The Jigsaw Program.  All Year 9 students participate in weekly lessons which focus on providing opportunities to reflect, explore and develop their interpersonal and communication skills though a range of individual and group work activities.  Through these activities students develop a deeper understanding of self in the context of others.  Learning outcomes include:

1.    Students will be able to identify and name feelings in different situations.
2.    Students will develop and practice a range of communication skills.
3.    Students will identify, practice and use problem solving strategies to effectively manage conflict.
4.    Students will learn about working in teams.

Developing mentoring and leadership opportunities for students is a key focus of the Wellbeing program.

Shared Leadership Program – is a partnership program between City of Wyndham Youth Services, Werribee Secondary College and Warrringa Park School.  This program has been running for nine years at Warringa Park and is very successful.  The program forms the basis of early childhood education leadership development. The aim of the program is to encourage leadership skills amongst the older students by planning and implementing activities for younger students. The ability to manage self and others to work towards a common goal and positive outcomes is a broad objective of the leadership program.

Student Representative Council encourages an active student voice in the school and wider community.  Students participate in local and state wide forums. Successful events were held for Mother’s Day, Father’s Night and other significant days.

Nicole Geehman

Nicole Geehman, our School Nurse, offers a wide range of health support to the students.

Nicole is responsible for Gastrostomy/PEG feeds, catheterisation and overseeing medication management, first aid and emergencies. Nicole is also responsible for managing the health needs of the students while they are at school and developing health care plans for students, such as Epileptic Management Plans.