Early Years Learning Centre

We want our children to be happy, safe and to be successful.

The Early Years Learning Centre at Warringa Park School is a dynamic, thriving learning community where parents, staff and students share a common goal: excellence in education and personal growth.

We believe that our students’ learning experiences must reflect the world in which they live and we embed rich technologies and science within the learning environments.

The home-school partnership is strengthened by our one to one iPad program, which provides students with a wealth of opportunities to engage, connect, create and communicate effectively. Through our Inquiry Learning, students are encouraged to explore, experiment, wonder, inquire, practice, invent, create, imagine and play. We want all our learners to be actively engaged and involved fully with a hands-on approach to all learning experiences.

We take pride in our successes, which are based on quality teaching, curriculum and assessment. Our teachers are using the most effective tools to assess and track student progress and instruction is guided by research-based effective strategies.

Our program therefore is designed to enable all students to achieve positive learning outcomes, build upon previous knowledge and skills and experience success.

To help you decide if the school is right for your child, read our Early Years Information booklet or contact the school