Middle Years Learning Centre

Students in the Middle Years range from 10 to 14 years of age. Students are placed in classrooms based upon their individual learning needs. We currently have 87 students and 9 classrooms. Classrooms have between 7 and 13 students. We have high expectations of our staff, students and each other to ensure every lesson is a good lesson.

The Middle Years team consists of two Professional Learning Teams. The main focus of the PLT is to build one anothers practice through classroom observations, planning and interpreting data to inform practice.  Staff have a collective responsibility for all of the students within the Middle Years class groups.  Each room has an Educational Support worker who assists the teacher and students in daily learning activities.

Professional Learning Teams

Each Professional Learning Team (PLT) is led by an experienced teacher. The team meets on a weekly basis and works through an Inquiry cycle process to plan highly engaging and focused lessons.  All teaching and learning is embedded in quality research and teaching practice.  PLT leaders attend weekly meetings to ensure consistency in all areas of teaching and learning throughout the school.  At Warringa Park School we work towards a common goal of making education accessible to all of our students no matter what their need or ability. Our Middle Years students are working at diverse levels, ranging from AusVELS Level A through to AusVELS Levels 3 and 4.  All lessons are differentiated in every class to meet the individual needs of all students.

Our Professional Learning Teams are made up of the following people:

Professional Learning Team 1: Team leader/classroom teacher is Buena Tisico. The classroom teachers are Erin Holloway, Sonja Forsberg, Joanne Brown and Chloe Bunting.

Professional Learning Team 2: Team leader/classroom teacher is Benita Compton.  The classroom teachers are Olivia Galizi, Ritu Sharma and Parekohai (PK) Whakemoe.

For more information, please email Alison Balchan, Middle Years Team Leader.   Email address:  balchan.alison.a@edumail.vic.gov.au