Bethany Road Campus

Welcome to the vibrant and supportive Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 Learning Community at the Bethany Road campus of Warringa Park School. There is a collective commitment amongst staff at Bethany Road to the cognitive and social development of your child as they transition physically, intellectually and socially into young adulthood.

Students in our learning community are involved in engaging and flexible teaching and learning practices that are responsive to the diverse learning, social and emotional needs of young adolescents.  These students are offered increased opportunities to discover how best they learn, how to manage themselves, and how to work collaboratively with others. They are challenged to take responsibility for their own learning and be future orientated. Regular learning conferences are held between teachers and students to identify goals for the future and areas of support your child will require to achieve their goals.

Located on the school grounds of The Grange P-12 College (secondary campus), we aim to keep our students engaged in learning by providing them with many leadership opportunities and by shaping their learning environment beyond the classroom. There is a sustained focus on English and Mathematics, which is provided within a very broad range of electives and community based learning. Through explicit teaching of science and the integration of technology, our students continue to achieve improved outcomes in English and Mathematics each year.

Educational research indicates that the most important factor influencing educational outcomes is the quality of teaching staff and the highly skilled and dedicated teachers and education support staff in our learning community are focused on ‘improving learning outcomes for all our students’.

For more information, please contact the campus for a brochure.