Cayleys Road Campus

Warringa Park Cayleys Road Campus was established in 2013 as a vocational learning environment for students with additional support needs.  It originally catered for students in their last two years of schooling, building on skills and knowledge for their post school pathways. From 2018 it will cater for a broader cohort in the years 9-12.  It is set in rural surrounds of the market gardens in Werribee South.

Students present with moderate to high educational support needs. In years 9 and 10 the curriculum is designed to enable students to learn in a variety of settings and contexts.  This enables every student to transfer learning from school to real life situations.  Students study English, Mathematics, Science and eLearning and these programs are integrated into practical and community-based learning experiences for our students.

The teaching and learning in years 11 and 12 focuses on specific areas that will better prepare them for their future—Personal learning, Vocational learning and Pathways learning are key curriculum areas.  All teaching and learning is delivered through applied activities and supported by eLearning.  Shared learning with students from the VCAL campus is an option to meet individual student needs.

For more information, please see our brochure or contact the school.